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Federal Fair Housing And Pets
Michael Tiers

At GRAM we abide by all local and federal fair housing laws.  We will never discriminate against any protected class.  In a world where the issue of diversity is more prevalent than ever, we are proud to welcome all qualified renters into our properties.  We encourage all owners of rental housing and all renters to familiarize themselves with fair housing laws.

Will you rent your home to people who have pets?  Did you know that well over 1/3 of the renting public enjoys pet ownership?  If you refuse to rent to people who have pets, you’ve just closed the door on a significant percentage of the population.   Did you know that you can’t refuse to rent to someone who has a bona-fide handicapped assistive pet?  That is a violation of Federal Fair Housing laws as they relate to our handicapped population.  Owners also are prohibited from collecting a pet deposit on a pet that is handicap assistive.

Still, renting to people with pets often does increase risk.  Oftentimes our clients place limits on the pets they will consider.  Clients deserve to know about the pets within their properties.  Breeds, age, and weight are often considerations when renting to people with dogs.  Cats invite questions relating to allergies and urine.  Cat urine is perhaps the most damaging issue when renting to people with pets.  At GRAM we counsel our clients on which types of pets may or may not be appropriate to allow into their homes.  We discourage allowing any know aggressive breed animals into our properties.

When renting to people with pets, an appropriate pet deposit, per pet will be charged upon move-in.

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