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What Goes Around Comes Around
Michael Tiers

Sometimes I hear owners of rental homes make comments that suggest that a renter should understand that the home is just a rental.  In other words the renter should accept certain negative attributes about a home because it’s just a rental.  Usually these comments are made when an expense has arisen which the owner would rather ignore.  To those owners I would like to say “do you want the renters to treat your home as though it’s just a rental?”  When faced with that question the owner finds themselves backed into a corner.  That’s what I mean when I say “what goes around comes around.”  In order to attract a responsible caring renter into your Phoenix/Scottsdale rental home you need to have a product that encourages them to lease it.  After all, what type of person will rent a substandard home?

Here at GRAM we are experts in advising our clients on how to spend wisely to attract a desirable rental.

When the properties we manage are in optimum condition it allows us to demand a high quality renter. 

Renter screening is something we take very seriously here at GRAM.  After all, we are going to know our renters for quite a while!  We want to associate with responsible renters who will take the renting of our owner’s homes seriously.

Renting a home in Phoenix/Scottsdale?  Check our available inventory and when you find the right house for you, visit our forms page and fill out our standardized rental application.  Once that is complete and signed, return it to us, along with the appropriate rental application fee.  We will then verify the information you have provided by running credit and criminal background checks, verifying employment and earnings, and contacting current and previous landlords.  After this data is collected it will be shared to the extent allowed by law with the homeowner, who has the final decision when it comes to accepting an applicant for their home.  Please allow us 24 to 48 hours to process your application.  We strive to be prompt and thorough so you know if you’ve secured the home you desire.

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