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Michael Tiers

Summertime in Phoenix is when the temperatures rise and single family homes lease the fastest and for the most money!  Why?  Because families like to get situated before the start of the next school year.  Looking for a home in Phoenix or Scottsdale?  Check our inventory first. We may just have what you’re looking for!  Have a home to lease?  No one does it better than we do. We manage homes throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and the Southeast Valley.

We love our work!  There’s something very rewarding about finding just the right renters for our client’s cherished homes.  It just feels good when it’s a good fit!  When we market homes that are spotless and in excellent repair, we attract the quality residents our clients desire…people who take pride in the properties in which they live. Take a look at our existing inventory.   If we don’t have what you want, keep checking back with us.  Our inventory is always changing.

Do you own a home in Phoenix, Scottsdale or the metropolitan Phoenix area?  Are you looking for a home to lease?  Check in with us at GRAMhomes.com.

Did you know that our industry is governed by the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act?  The Landlord/Tenant Act is our rulebook when it comes to playing the game of residential leasing.  Here, both landlords and tenants can learn all about their rights and their obligations to one another.  Be sure to check it out.  Know your rights and responsibilities!

How about a summertime “staycation”?   Summertime is when our local resorts offer super deals to area residents.  If you own a rental property in Phoenix or Scottsdale and want to visit, why not book a Staycation at one of our luxury resorts.  Are you one of our renters who dreams of luxury linens, spa days and swim-up bars?  Then a Staycation may be just the break you and your family deserve.  Just Google Phoenix/Scottsdale staycations and you will be amazed at the area possibilities for fun and relaxation.

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