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There is a wide variety of property management companies in Metro Phoenix. Do your research when searching for a property management partner by contacting the Department of Real Estate and the Better Business Bureau. Beware of competitors who quote low fees and impose hidden charges.

Remember that successful property management depends upon four factors:

  1. The home must be in good physical condition
  2. The renter must be aware of and willing to fulfill the obligations set forth in the lease.
  3. The owner must be willing to support the legitimate needs of the property.
  4. The management company must be aware of the laws and statutes that govern landlord/tenant relations

The range of management services we offer was designed to support and ensure these goals, so our clients can maximize and protect their investment. 

House Icon Rent Collection

Rent collection policies are always a top priority when selecting a property management company. Good renters pay promptly and we, together with our clients, take rent collection very seriously.

  • Our leases require that payments be made on the first of the month; payments can be made online, in person or by mail.
  • Any delinquency is followed up promptly with personal contact and a formal demand notice as required by the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act.
  • Late charges are imposed whenever appropriate to encourage timely payment.

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Accurate record-keeping keeps you in control of your investment. Our system allows for a variety of rent disbursement methods. Rental proceeds can be disbursed in the following methods:

  • They can be forwarded directly to you.
  • They can be deposited into any account you specify worldwide.
  • They can be disbursed on your behalf to mortgage holders and/or home owners’ associations when the property is operating with a positive cash flow.

Accounting is on a single-entry cash basis with a separate income and expense ledger maintained for each property.

  • Our monthly statements provide an itemized accounting of all transactions affecting your property.
  • Detailed annual statements are also provided, along with copies of the 1099 MISC form we are required to file by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Monthly statements can be mailed to you or sent electronically.

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 Vacancy Control

Minimizing the costs of vacancies and turn-around times are the biggest challenges facing property management companies. These are important concerns at Guardian Realty and Management.

  • Lease expiration dates are monitored carefully and Renewal Notices are forwarded to tenants approximately 45 days prior to expiration. Notices include any necessary revisions in price or terms, and the lead time helps minimize month-to-month extensions.
  • All residents planning to vacate are required to give 30 days' notice. This policy helps us prepare, advertise and re-lease the property with minimal losses in revenue.

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 Repair and Maintenance

Constant supervision, inspection and regularly scheduled maintenance combine to keep major repairs to a minimum. When maintenance or repairs are necessary, our goal is to provide prompt, quality service at a reasonable price.

  • We contract for all repair and maintenance services with qualified, independent vendors and contractors. And since we manage a large volume of properties, Guardian Realty and Management has the leverage to ensure quality performance. We know what repairs should cost and how long they should take to complete.
  • We monitor all contracted labor and accurately document all expenditures.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, our clients will never pay a mark up on labor or materials.

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